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Turkish and English e-Learning Catalog with the Latest Content

We take pride in providing Digital Learning solutions to Turkey's largest brands. From creative content production filled with innovative ideas and designs to unconventional orientation projects, extraordinary animations, and gamification, we are here with end-to-end solutions in our Digital Learning Catalog with hundreds of new content.

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Our e-Learning Catalog


Communication Series

45 Minutes 12 Contents

Intern Academy Series

45 Minutes 10 Contents

Unconscious Bias

35 Minutes 7 Contents

Corporate Well-being

35 Minutes 8 Modules

Our Animal Friends

50 Minutes 7 Modules

Vegan 101

20 Minutes 12 Modules
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At LfD,

here's what sets us apart:

We approach every project with unique design ideas and innovative scenarios.

We keep up with the latest technologies and ensure the formation of long-term memory.

We utilize all auxiliary solutions in the formula of learning.

Our expert team provides continuous support 24/7.

We focus on data, analysis, and your goals.

Most importantly, we believe in imagination.

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Customer Reviews


“I believe that in this period when the winds of digitalization are blowing at full speed in the world of education, LfD has taken a bold step at just the right time. I am confident that the company partners, with their accumulated experience, will bring a breath of fresh air to the industry through innovative, original, and distinctive applications. Best of luck on your journey.”

Didem İgüs Altınbilek

Softtech - Academy Manager | Co-Active Coach | TA Coach | Mindfulness Trainer

"LfD, with their creative and innovative perspectives, meticulously approaches every project we work on and quickly delivers high-quality solutions. They have become reliable partners in digital education in a short period of time. The company partners with a background in corporate life and the finance sector understood our expectations and what we needed, offering us the best solutions. May your sails be full as you navigate the blue oceans.”

Gökhan Eskizengin

AKSigorta - Training and Development Unit Manager

“In this era where digitization has become the center of our lives, LfD has become our solution partner in bringing our employees together with trending topics. LfD contributes to the development of our employees with modern, fast, and impressive solutions, providing up-to-date information with constantly evolving content. We thank them for their support and the services they provide.”

Ayşe Zeynep ŞENOL

Odeabank - Senior L&D Professional | Training Design | Performance Development | Talent Management

“LfD is a team that listens well, understands correctly, guides with its experience, and swiftly delivers high-quality results. I am satisfied with the collaboration we have conducted both in our social media employer branding projects and our digital education initiatives.”

Orçun İrfan

Pisano - Employee Experience Director | Author, Trainer, Mentor, Keynote Speaker | Turkish Employee Experience Association Founding President

“Digital transformation is accelerating day by day. While trying to keep up with this pace, we often feel the need to invest in digital to stay in the game. However, digital tools, no matter how good they are, fall short when the goal is unclear. This is where LfD's difference comes into play; instead of advancing with a generic solution, they understand our goals as well as a METRO Turkey employee and continue to connect us with the best digital solutions and content. That's why LfD is not just a vendor but a 'partner.' What we say for METRO also applies to LfD without hesitation: 'You can trust them!”

Merve Örmeci

Metro Turkey- Academy Manager | Erickson Professional Coach
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