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Effective Interview Techniques for Leaders

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Finding the talents the organization needs, attracting them to the brand, and successfully bringing them into the organization through the recruitment process has become more challenging than ever.

Recent research indicates that there is a talent shortage of 69% globally, and 83% in Turkey. In other words, 8 out of 10 sought-after talents are not open to job offers. As for the remaining 2, all companies are competing for them.

In summary, recruitment has become a process where candidates evaluate companies just as much as companies evaluate candidates, from the moment the candidate is first contacted to the final step of the process.

So, how can a successful recruitment process be conducted with a candidate who has been carefully selected from among all applicants and invited to an interview?

In this training, we explain effective interview techniques for non-HR professionals that involved in recruitment.

Content List

Pre-Interview Preparation
Key Points for Face-to-Face and Remote Interviews
Interview Flow and Time Management
Behavior-Based Interview Techniques
Specialized Questions and Personal Space
Active and Deep Listening in Interviews
Interview Closure and Information Sharing
Candidate Reference Checks
Evaluation and Gender Equality
Planning the First Day on the Job