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It's possible to have passionate, engaged, productive, and happy employees! However, to achieve this, you must first provide a company-specific, consciously designed employee experience.

This training provides you with valuable insights into what employee experience is, how and under what conditions it is formed, and where to start to design a company-specific employee experience.

Orçun İrfan, the President of the Turkey Employee Experience Community and the author of the Employee Experience Book, has prepared this content consisting of 21 modules for you.

Content List

Introduction to Employee Experience
What Is Experience?
Why Is Experience Important?
How Did Experience Gain Importance?
What Is Employee Experience?
Employee Experience with Data
Significant Shift in Work Understanding
Transformation from HR to Employee Experience
HR as an Experience Center
Engagement vs. Experience?
Elements that Make Up Employee Experience
The 5A Model in Employee Experience
Touchpoints in Employee Experience
Co-Designing with Employees
Employee Voice Platform
Measuring Experience and Data Analytics
Employee Lifecycle
Moments of Truth
Moments That Will Turn into Memories
Anıya Dönüşecek Anlar
Summary and Closure