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Vegan 101

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Veganism, in its simplest definition, is the refusal to use animals and consume any animal-derived products. Vegans not only abstain from consuming food products derived from animals but also avoid using non-food products that contain animal-derived ingredients.

As veganism becomes more widespread, restaurants in major cities are now offering exclusively vegan meals, and supermarkets are beginning to create vegan sections. In this training, we explain the philosophy of veganism and the expectations of vegan consumers.

Content List

What is Veganism? How did it originate?
What is Vegan Diet?
How does Veganism differ from Vegetarianism?
Is every product without animal-derived additives considered vegan?
Do vegans consume animal products in trace amounts?
What are the pros and cons of vegan diet?
What are the alternative foods and beverages for vegans?
How can vegans distinguish suitable foods and beverages for themselves?
What are the most common challenges vegans face when socializing and shopping?
How many vegans are there in our country (Turkey) and worldwide?
Is veganism creating a new economy?
What are the expectations of vegan consumers from companies producing vegan products?